World of Tanks Aimbot Confirmed #1

This video shows the undisputed use of an aimbot. The evidence is quite compelling. The aimbot user delivers 11 k + damage and kills 5 enemies. This sheds some light on how powerfull the aimbot can be. This video is in no way intended to encourage the use of aimbots, but to spread info and opinion. Wargaming should start to actively work against cheats. A good start would be to compile an official list of prohibited mods and cheats and of course to punish cheaters.
Mods used in the replay: Assorted mods from Odem Mortis modpack.
Camera: Raw player input, the camera has in no case been altered in this video. This is how the player played and saw the game.
Serverside reticle: Not activated.

Music: Intro – Carmina Burana, Carl Orf.
Ingame and outry: Nemesis the Warlock – Eftos remix.



    Who will upload a awesome replay like 11k dmg done but u know u used aim BOT why would u it's a ban

  2. Marco Polo Erceg

    Keep up the good work

  3. Marco Polo Erceg

    who ever need a MOD to be a good player is just a pathetic potato and a big loser

  4. Angel Kandi

    Let the kid have fun, its just a dumb game.

  5. theproboy9198

    Try go to sea server. There is a lot of illegal mods user in that region. Almost all of them are dirty cheater. Especially Arty player.

  6. Milan Mrlian

    give all players or dont using

  7. Pedro Marques

    Please correct me if i am wrong, but i think that this asshole´s clan is one of the best in the european servers, right ?!

  8. Niklas Franke

    just the mod where you see how long you are spotted is just **

  9. Darryl Dagenais

    A perfect example of why I barely touch this game on PC. WG needs to ban all modding. It's the only way to stop the rampant cheating.

  10. Owen Squires

    Dudes stats dont even reflect the aimbot is helping much. A game like that fighting the tanks he he did in the locations he used it was just a easy farm game anyway…… Ban him and laugh at his incompetance i say and the same goes for the rest of his kind.

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