World of Tanks – AMD Radeon R2 – Intel HD 620 – NVidia 940MX – Benchmark

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  1. Tech Deals

    UPDATE – Completely forgot to say it in the video – SD client used for the AMD R2 and Intel HD 620 – HD client used for the NVidia 940MX!
    All three videos were recorded on the same day in Feb 2017, all using the latest drivers from each company using the newest WoT client

  2. Josh

    Can acer aspire e15 run Need For Speed Rivals at an average?

  3. Starcko

    I have an amd a10 7860k proc. but what graphics card is best to pair with it if I'm going to be playing league of legends, wot, dota2,cargo, rainbow six siege? pls I need help I don't have a gpu right now so I can't run r6 siege.

  4. Flame_Chay
  5. Ryathor

    I'm very glad you do benchmarks on world of tanks, they were nearly impossible to find before.

  6. TheDesertScrub


  7. Legend Rio

    hey i was using msi after burner i play on league of legend for some reason my performace color is black i pick green color but it show black

  8. Legend Rio

    can anyone recommend me what software or hardware to record game for 2k game at full setting with no fps drop or 5-10 fps drop

  9. Darkrai

    World of Tanks, the one game I know where poking a tree with a tank does not obliterate the tank.

  10. Joran Brensdal

    @Tech Deals, I was doing some research recently and read that due to the dual access concept, you have to have the same amount of RAM in either slot. If you don't, it would only take memory from one of the sticks. I don't know if this is true, but it's just something to think about for future videos.

    Thanks for all your videos 🙂