World of Tanks || AMX 50 B – The Heavy Assassin

World of Tanks || AMX 50 B - The Heavy Assassin

The T10 French heavy the AMX 50 B is currently „Top of the Tree“ on EU so you can get a tasty discount on it. Babuin29 shows us how to play the „Heavy Assassin“.


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  1. Blidaru Stefan

    Nice Job, you just make Romania great again!

  2. ReLLiKMaster

    I will never understand the Thumbnail…. Why is there a ROMANIAN flag? QB plez fix

  3. Andrew mate

    HE sud have gained more momentum….

  4. Swatkiss

    3:40 i has to get the E75 shot to save is allies but i didn't do it what isd that noob unicum i did so many missplay

  5. Noone

    He could have quite easily got out by just going back up the hill

  6. Josiah West

    4:18 At that moment, the FV215B 183 knew, he messed up.

  7. Saber Wolf

    I still don't get it a year later on xbox we still have 3 sec aim time this is why school shootings happen is because of war gaming's shit

  8. Millionaire SerB


    a nation having autoloader:yes

    German having autoloader:nope

  9. squirrelhunter2000

    when u hitting a million you deserve it for sure

  10. Austin Gregory

    If he actually engaged his brain in the past minute he could've won. Yes he did very well with a good result, but if you watch the map and all of his engagements he just got really lucky and would've survived past 3-5 minutes if he wasn't using this skill less tank

  11. matrixsenior

    Another great game review. Thanks Quickybaby.

  12. roger Rumble

    Really good game but he did get very lucky a couple of times

  13. maksim jovanovski

    QuickyBaby you are the best

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