World of Tanks || AMX CDC (Chasseur de Chars) – 9.6 Preview

World of Tanks – AMX CDC. Preview of the French T8 premium medium tank the AMX CDC (Chasseur de Chars) coming in patch 9.6!

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. your dad has big lesbian

    Hide behind objects. Use mobility to outrun arty

  2. Emanuel Correia

    when i got cdc, it took some time before i actually like it, its worth it.

  3. vinish shetty

    jasonzheng2004, on Feb 10 2017 – 02:00, said:I think the AMX CDC needs a speed buff. Most of the other premium tanks have received a buff and my AMX CDC can't do much with it being mostly a sniper tank and end game clean up. In the end of many games I get frustrated that I just can't keep up with light tanks and they take every enemy I want to get damage off of before I get there. I think the top speed should be buffed to 65 km/h. It's already big and very lightly armored so why not?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????WG being WG nerfed the accuracy of this tank(9.6), I Heard because of cribbing russians the sad part is almost all tier 8 premium / standard vehicles get tier9 guns to deal with tier 9/10 tanks but the CDC is meant for tier8 occasionally tier9 (tier 8 gun) the game has progressed much after the introduction of the tank the miserable aspect of this tank are its low reverse speed, high aim time, decreased accuracy(Forget Snapshots even at 50 meters), Huge mass (talk about hiding eiffel tower size french cheese behind pancake size bush), No armor, Low view range, Low camouflage, on the other hand the tank is fast but what will you do with all the speed in the world and relocation when the main aspect of the tank itself is bad? specially in a bad matchup which you will regularly get into you cant pen heavy tanks reliably with standard rounds forget tier10, you cant snapshot because your high aim time and bad accuracy rounds will fall short or fly off else where, Half the team while doing nothing and dying blame you and disturb your mental peace throughout the game unskilled team mates will bump you to death specially when you are almost dead and are luckily hanging on to less then 100/50 hp, Using premium rounds will simply erode your in game cash that said either they need to give preferential match making or buff the gun handling(aim time and dispersion), reverse speed, camouflage or if they cant do any of these let them remove the CDC from in game rework on it and refund players with gold (Trust me 99.99% will accept the refund), its so pathetic after 1024 games with it I am still trying to make it work with little success I feel cheated specially after the 9.6 nerf as the latest premium tanks are way better and people like us who gave business to WG to reach till here are being ignored with inferior tanks, there will be many who will make noise here about my comment like empty tumblers they either got ass kicked by a skillful CDC player or don't own it and don't know about the hidden stats, highly skilled players on you tube may show you one fantastic match they had with the CDC but will not show the 10-15 bad games they had with the tank they will also not tell you that their crew are 4/5/6 level skilled making them more effective(Don't buy tanks watching their videos) I would suggest anyone reading this to stay away from the CDC as its plain useless in the current situation probably buy something else.

  4. Communist Duck

    What's faster the t2 light or the amx cdc?

  5. John Smith

    If you want to test how good you are at some point , drive this without dying in a tier X battle.

  6. SuperiorBeen

    This is a horrible review. Mark my words! Don't buy this tank! You will waste your money! It has worse camo than a Mouse and the track doesn't absorb anything like the magical tracks that Soviet tanks have.

  7. nazgull3001

    bullshit 😛 the 3 caliber rule doesnt apply on HE ammo, wich cant riccoshit anyways. cdc's armor on top is just super weak i suppose

  8. joe scott

    one of my fav tanks

  9. wor575

    currently playing its "Dracula" version in Blitz, its top speed got amped to around 65 kmph

  10. Tom Pedersen

    just got this tank… danm i love it:D thx for all your work QB

  11. William Young


  12. Damian Jesus

    I don't think the French knew what armor was when they designed this tank