World of Tanks || An Inch from Death

World of Tanks – Indien Panzer. Today revo_energu is facing his greatest challenge but an inch from death in the T8 German medium!

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  1. QuickyBaby

    E 100 Tech Tree Showcase LIVE FROM GAMESCOM right now!

  2. Zachary Olechnowicz

    When I cant get 7k even in my tier X mediums… respek for our comrade here.

  3. fusion 890

    ofc 8:04 T69 misses when u get 2.9 aim time and .38 accuracy!

  4. Sergio Llorente Martínez

    The problem is that only players with lot of credits to buy equipment and time to get a good crew can get games like this one

  5. MReNiSs

    World of Tanks 9.20 update  M48 Patton with Buff! Did u see that? #0CTJub-GV34

  6. rabooey

    Great tank playing there, revo_energu, quality stuff.

  7. Minimadmahager

    "These low calibre he rounds don't have the highest penetration" quickybaby
    "NOPE" m41 90 gf

  8. Minimadmahager

    I can't see the video!


    how do you send in replays??

  10. CyberPirate2008

    A game like this would be 1 in 5 million for me. It's crazy how good people are at games sometimes.

  11. Radim Ziegler

    it should be a new medal.. an inch from death.. basically a kolobanovs medal but with one witpoint…

  12. Keegan Govender

    I dream that one day I'll get to slaughter off a noob team

  13. Comrade Fuckface


  14. Ignis_Leonis

    Great replay, thanks for sharing!

  15. Cobra6 Gaming

    I actually really liked the Ind.Pz. when I ground through it. One of the reasons why I bought the Mutz, because it's so similar in playstyle.

  16. Demoloution Bombs[FRA]

    you said O-Ho not O-l

  17. axel secret

    Thank you this replay makes me want to get the indien panzer that i thought was too bad to be played. I have a pershing and I love it, I will keep it once I reach the paton.
    Also £I don't understand some odf the coments below, why so much un-needed rudeness and mean, maybe i miss something because of the language..? Keep on Rocking QB 🙂 Love your vids, coments and especially your good attitude 🙂

  18. theArgonautics

    He also got his 3rd mark!

  19. Olivier Girard

    As Claus would say : he carried the stupids

  20. Bora Sahin

    one of the best replays

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