World of Tanks ARL 44 – The Turd on Tracks

The French ARL 44 Tier 6 Heavy Tank. A hard tank to love, with poor armour, reasonable speed and a gun that takes a lot of patience to master. Yet despite the horrific matchmaking that Tier 6 heavies get, you can still do well with it – 3 kills and Confederate in a Tier 9 match. Just don’t expect to love this tank.


  1. AlphaBrolofsky

    Back when Jingles was 'serious' during his videos

  2. Black Sheep

    Jingles, the armor is NOT useless! It has a very strong upper plate and a bouncy mantelet.

  3. GaryxGaming

    Greetings from the far future, here the ARL is still shit

  4. vvav

    Poor Jingles using the worst gun just because it's the last gun on the research tree. Using the DCA 45 is a really miserable experience. 3.4 aiming time for 240 alpha, AND it has 1440 DPM? Pathetic.

  5. nico pons

    jingles I think it's time to revisit the french line

  6. Dar-man francis

    Arl 44 shitty? Nah mate.

  7. Nokis231

    Apple Mech => which tiger ? (P),I,II ?

  8. Apple Mech

    It does as much dmg as a tiger 2

  9. Apple Mech

    I loved my tiger and T-29

  10. GeminiJets 75

    He's using bandicam. enough said.

  11. straswa

    I love the ARL 44, my favorite tank in the game. Wow has the game changed. Tier 6s used to see tier 9s???

  12. benjamin pedersen

    Total lool Mighty Jingles, dont play this tank like af TD.

    Go for the 105 mm gun ,this gun has the same power as is3 or t32 gun and this is a tier 6 tank.

    Not your bedst replay not so Mighty Jingles.And the armor is ok for this tier 6 tank.

  13. Borghesi tanck

    world of hackers , czech and polland play only hack

  14. Jamie Lant

    I've gotten 8 kills in mine. The most damage is 2222 and the most XP I've gotten is 1518 (no premium). Oh, and the Kolobanovs came with that too.

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