1. Paul Johnson

    gleemf where did you download this mod from?

  2. nike is cool

    shift and g

  3. alphadogg64

    Why was this even uploaded though?

  4. alphadogg64

    Some people need to read the title.

  5. Nam Nguyễn

    How to change the aim in SPG ??? Please help

  6. Khaimuk Saephan

    which button you press when you toggle

  7. Tutti Frutti master

    That Jagdtiger rage thought :DD makes me laugh so fucking hard lel 😀

  8. Jana Zubatá

    How are you doing it?

  9. David Kolev

    it shouldn't be allowed, becuase in the beginning when he shot the jadgtiger that was under a roof with normal artillery view that would not be possible

  10. wiktorZ PvP

    nice pack 🙂

  11. Les Tutos Piano

    what is the best nation of arty for start arty ?

  12. Siem van den Oever

    Is there an 9.6 version?

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