World of Tanks – Arty Balance

wot arty balance

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  1. Solid Stake

    I can feel the pain the agaony and the sorrow my brother.

  2. Kiên Đỗ Văn

    hay qua'

  3. Kiên Đỗ Văn

    tran'h vo? dua gap. Vo? duaa` :3 Viet Nam 🙂

  4. Homer Simpson

    fuck arty

  5. WonderRai

    Lol awesome video! I can't believe you don't have more views! I left a like and hopefully that helps you out. If you get a chance it'd be awesome if you checked out some of my stuff. Looking forward to seeing what else you upload!

  6. DJ Newton


  7. František Lušecký

    Fix what .. ?? that you are idiot and they hit you ??

  8. David Boyle

    They should make it so the gun arc is +5 to +30 so it's impossible to shotgun unless they're smart.

  9. KlarakaS

    What is the music pls ?

  10. Wiley Cat

    no you shitters driving t 95 deserve to be one shot 😉

  11. Lukáš Bačík

    all music from the video please ??? thanks

  12. Bigfunkytown

    Normally, I go with you, but in this case, three of anything is going to kill that thing. Had it been three light tanks, and one keeps you tracked while the others chip away at you, you still die. With arty, it takes forever to aim, and they still might miss point blank. I feel you when you talk about three of them, and I have been seeing a lot of matches like that, but normally, it it's two tanks left at the end, and four arty, the four arty die. This one game just was not meant for you to win. Losing sucks, but sometimes you just do no matter what you try. At least they had the nuts to try and face you.

  13. Tora Riders

    good vid