1. Borghesi tanck

    t110e4 scary rat

  2. Scotty Mac 22

    volume is HELLA low

  3. Berton Robinson

    I'm newbie and like artillary thou I play others. The guys cover arty positions normally do it static. I mean they say you should move but they never show how or where to do it on the maps, and everybody does maps and they show how to move everything but arty. Maybe you could do some specialization for us poor arty guys. I would subscribe. You do it well. And what are you're thoughts on the new battle arty mods? Thanks.

  4. Awnttt

    Hello Iron Hidex, I main arty and I have a question about something you didn't cover. The elevation level and angle of the ground will effect the shape of your reticle. Do you have a preference for what type of angle is the most efficient to land more shots? Personally flat ground has been most successful for me as it gives me the smallest overall size of the reticle, however I am curious if a certain elevation angle may be more efficient for landing shots.

  5. Wot Viewer

    your first kill on the T34 – how? The line of fire was to the right of the aiming circle and your shot landed outside of the circle anyway – pure RNG shot

    your WZ kill was also pure RNG given the length of your aim circle

    I'll agree however the rest of your game was great skill

  6. David Rekt


  7. BaltazarMime

    But its a T95. Everyone shots at t95s xD

  8. Adrenalin Room

    This is really sick! We enjoy it! Check out our channel when you have a moment 🙂

  9. The King's Servant

    I want to thank you for this video. I was having trouble in my M12 but after watching your video. I was on Abbey ( Xbox) and aiming as instructed, I did over 3500 damage with 4 kills and not one miss. Thank you so very much for taking time to do this video, it was a huge help!!

  10. Sam Tom

    Hey there,
    Just played my 3rd game using Loyd GC and lost again, I learned how to enter the aiming/shooting mode (right click on the minimap) but didn't know how to exit it when the enemy approached me 🙁

  11. Khan Atiq Ur Rehman

    how do you zoom in at so far range?

  12. William Friedman

    Hey, thanks for a nice easy guide.

  13. Renae Benton

    Yes blind shots 😉

  14. عمر ابوخلف

    good arty 

  15. rosszpenz

    No blindshots, great! 😉

  16. wee tur

    It really helped me in my arty thanks ahahaaah keep it up 😉

  17. Dylon Lachenal

    You just forget to move after each shot, maybe usefull in some battles where enemy arty counters

  18. LaMatrrix

    Good game Iron, too bad that it was defeat. Maybe next time you will have more luck. I am waiting for another videos.

  19. Ryan Norris

    Thanx man great video!!!
    May i ask what mods your are running?

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