World of Tanks AT 15A | 10 kills (with autoaim+)(and rage on chat) | 95.000+ credits – Prokhorovka

World of Tanks AT 15A is tier VII British tank destroyer and game by Fafal1998.
No wonder that he (or she) get Ace Tanker for this game.
Also 3.700+ dmg is impressive.
Pool’s Medal for 10 kills and 1.500+ exp is so impressive.
He (or she) also get: Kolobanov’s Medal, Steel Wall

I’m happy to see this replay. Hope you like this 🙂
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Before you write a comment like „weak,“ „nothing special“ „gold spamer“ – PLEASE BUY THIS TANK AND MAKE SUCH A RESULT !!!

WoT map ► Prokhorovka

WoT replays for this game ►
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World of Tanks AT 15A
World of Tanks AT 15A review
World of Tanks AT 15A overview
World of Tanks AT 15A gameplay
World of Tanks AT 15A weak spots
World of Tanks AT 15A guide
World of Tanks AT 15A tank guide
WoT AT 15A
WoT AT 15A review
WoT AT 15A overview
WoT AT 15A gameplay
WoT AT 15A weak spots
WoT AT 15A guide
WoT AT 15A tank guide

World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game which you can download for free. It is one of the best video games about and with tanks.


  1. Skelmir Raven

    Instant dislike for autoaim+

  2. nika onezashvili

    good aimbot 😉

  3. Maddog STS

    Nice game. Not all luck – part is knowing what to do when red team makes mistakes, and how to take advantage of those mistakes

  4. Miljan Grehovic

    The best thing is how he lock opponents. modusers destroy this game, and still boast with their deceit. 🙂

  5. Anissyah Romi

    to anyone who have this tank

    i recently interested on british TD line especialy conway line,i usually perfer mobility on a TD that's why i choose conway line,however the only premium british TD is this slow heavy armor mobile bunker wich i never used before.

    my question is,is it worth it? how to play it? i've seen lot of replays but im still not sure buying this but it's the only premium to train crew

  6. Anissyah Romi arty brain on enemy team

    fucking lucky guy

  7. Edgar Espinoza

    Wow wow wow wow, nice +10 prro :v

  8. dspap

    World of Tanks: World of Retards……..
    The Perfect Shit Game….

  9. Waldemar Szymański

    myślałem że jesteś anglikiem "D

  10. Waldemar Szymański

    ty umiesz po polsku pisać? !

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