World of Tanks || AT 2 Heartbreak

World of Tanks || AT 2 Heartbreak

Heartbreak in the Tier 5 British Tank Destroyer the AT 2.

Live Version:


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  1. Hasan Alnajjar

    where is the live version/ reaction??

  2. Evan Chang

    I very like AT2 because it is really hard tank, I can use it too kill IS, it is really great

  3. Kabama04

    I feel that the AT 2 has best frontal armor, because it's hatch is quite slim and there are no easy-to-Hit frontal parts

  4. Mprosser

    man that panzer iv was such a pussy

  5. VeljaM

    wait wot? 11:04 its 12:12 and 2v3, hmmm… ok.

  6. Wyatt Playz

    in a box the game ends like 5 sec after the clock stops

  7. Mr. Enderman

    It wasn't a draw it was 14v13 look at the kill scores

  8. Qwilliams

    I'm sure someone has corrected you by now, but if you had killed the PZ4H in time, you would have earned Radley Walter's medal despite killing some tier 3's. The requirement for it is that you are in a tier 5 and up tank, the tanks you kill do not have to be tier 5 and up.

  9. Putte Gaming

    AT 2 it's nice but turn very slow

  10. The Night Fox

    Tank porn at the beginning lol

  11. tapiocco

    My AT2 has 983 battles and 59% win rate.

  12. Ludvig Salen

    not funny

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