World of Tanks AT 7 – 10 Kills 5K Damage

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World of Tanks AT 7 – 10 Kills 5K Damage

Medals received: Pool’s Medal, Top Gun, High Caliber

The AT 7 is a British tier 7 tank destroyer.

Conceived as an assault breakthrough tank, this design was completed by June 10th, 1943. No complete prototypes were built. However, some parts and components of the AT7 were used in the A39 Tortoise.

The AT 7 is a vast improvement over its predecessor, the AT 8. Although it still keeps the 203mm thickness of armor from the Tier 6, only the upper half is at a poor angle. The most notable feature of the AT 7 is the far right side-mounted gun. If the AT 7 manages to peek only the side-mounted gun around a corner, anything down that street will have a very hard time penetrating it while receiving generous amounts of damage. The AT 7 boasts very high penetration, great damage per minute, extreme accuracy, and a great aiming speed.

The AT 7 leads to the AT 15.

Outro song: Shlow Motion 2 by Niklas Ahlström



  1. doonglerules

    That fucking cap save though

    Last second

  2. Andrei Ionescu

    Another aim bot noob. Stop posting such ***** replays. No skill players

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