World of Tanks || AT 7 – 3426 EXP

World of Tanks || AT 7 - 3426 EXP

marepbc of the EU server is going to show you how to use the T7 British tank destroyer the AT 7!

AT7 Tank Review –


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  1. Khiem Le

    That tiger should have flanked him… result would be so much different, lol he just stands there like a sandbag.

  2. Kabama04

    When I saw the AT7, I was like: Auto Loader???
    (I'm a blitz player)

  3. 오징어

    wargaming: here is a tank with fantastic armore and a dpm
    and they put a giant cakes on top of the head

  4. ifo

    loved the AT7, wish i saved my replays, marepbc did excellent!

  5. Furry125

    If you get E 25 in corner with AT 7, E 25 cant do anything except for wasting ammo and dying
    I've done it twince in a battle

  6. DerpsAhoy

    Pretty sure the is-2's engine was knocked out explaining why he wasn't moving.

  7. tomhijkl

    This should be called a toilet tank

  8. majestic being of the north
  9. Jeffrey van de Leur

    I really like this tank I only played 2 games in it with the at8 gun and I already have a first class mastery now grinding for the best gun

  10. Ed 730

    why didn't that Tiger just go and fight the AT 7 point blank…. never fight ATs from range unless you've got great accuracy and penetration.

  11. typeviic1

    So, where do you aim at the at 7 beside the cupola?

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