World of Tanks look set to receive a new tech tree of Italian vehicles including a new „Auto-Reloading“ mechanic that will be featured on the Progetto M35 Mod 46!

Wargaming’s Video:

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  1. QuickyBaby

    All aboard the hype train! What do you think about the Italian tech tree, the Progetto 46 and the "Auto-Reloader"?

  2. Jack

    i dont like that the only one tank that will has this new autoreloder at th8 will be a premium….

  3. Vocu

    so when u have 2 shells in, it reloads #3 fast? play like a normal single shot with the 2 shells in it, and only use those 2 shells in an emergency thats how i see it, unless im not understanding the mechanic

  4. Frinkls Kai


  5. namkreo

    What they did not tell, can u load all 3 Types in the drum? 1HE 1AP 1APCR? Or do you need to reload before you can change the Type?

  6. Fritzlfaust

    Thank you qb for all nice videos

  7. Bekvux

    GIVE US FIAT 2000!!!

  8. Yannic Wethly

    The tier V looked like a P40 'Leoncello'

  9. ja son

    I like how they blurred the group and even the file name of the Maya scene so you can't see the names of the tanks 😛

  10. PickelJars ForHillary

    Do they switch sides halfway thru the battle?

  11. Bevan Gadsden

    this tank is certainly going to separate the more skilled players from the less skilled, less experienced players

  12. Skreezilla

    From what i see from front to back
    Fiat 3000 – Shoter wider Renault FT – 6- 16mm amrour 37mm gun
    Carro Armato L6/40- 6 – 40mm armour – 20mm and 37mm guns.
    Carro Armato M14/41- 15 – 42mm armour – 47mm gun
    Carro Armato M15/42 – 15 – 42mm armour – 47mm gun
    Carro Armato P26/40 – 14 – 60mm armour – 75mm gun.
    Leone Main Battle Tank? Basically a Leo 1.

    That is my best guess hard to tell from the view tbh. i wonder what amazing made up tanks will come

  13. TheTianBao

    Maybe it is a real mechanic and not "stolen" from other games… Stupid fanboys

  14. Petar Petrović

    Another Fiat to put in your collection, huh?

  15. Ivo van Loo

    It really sounds like a tank line with a lot of potential for more experienced players. So it really is something Im looking forward to!

  16. cok timmerwerken

    wel this wil be another gamekiller cors of to many bad / mediocer players ( and even the unicorns )
    they wil all gona run this tank full HAM even more GOLDNOOBS
    thas wy i stop putting mony in this game and switst to World of warschips there is NO gold amo in that
    no offius PAY TO WIN
    thnx for the info QuickyGOLDbaby

  17. Jirka Gottvald

    oh yes, you stole another armored warfare mechanic! congratulations! 😀 so when we will see also same cost on all ammo and smoke grenades?

  18. Solly Vattier