World of Tanks || Before it was Nerfed – FV215b (183)

World of Tanks. Today we’re going back in time to take a look at one of the most devastating tanks of all time – the FV215b (183).

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  1. QuickyBaby

    Limited edition t-shirt available till Monday! ►

    Thanks for supporting my terrible content 🙂

  2. Tigerdavid

    Wg every time:
    You can't fucked up more the game.
    Some idiot:
    Watch this:
    And created this op shit. And anither Op bullshits.

  3. MrKillswitch88

    The KV215B 183 will always be a favorite 😉

  4. RodelIturalde

    Ah, this was played when WoT still had a good Matchmaker.

  5. Sir Frydryk

    Those were the days……when tanks were tanks and men were men….

  6. Ahmet Mehmet

    Old map It was a funny map idiot wg

  7. shakengandulf

    The way u pronounce certain words, annoys me.

  8. Bakkmann69

    Its absolute bullshit that you would only get 1800 xp for the most damage ever…

  9. Aaron Huddleston

    Why does everyone get high rolls all the time? I low roll 160 from 220 avg

  10. andrew lee

    GODDAMN rebel scums must've told WG to put an exhaust port nurf on the 183

  11. Dodecahedron

    Pz 4 before it was nerfed

  12. Captain Griffin

    It is called the Death Star for a reason.

  13. John Robinson

    Bring back the old maps. I liked them all even if they weren't perfect. Many friends of mine are of the same opinion.


    Jesus Christ someone get me my eye googles becuase am swiming in disgust on how powerful this tank was now I see where it got the name: DEATH STAR from

  15. Rakesh Boodoo

    I miss this map….

  16. ForeverKIS

    Those were the days. I would like to see a game from the times when tier 5 met tier 10, like KV-1 vs Maus.

  17. Loominal

    T-50-2 when it was a monster speedster!

  18. Nicodemus

    I miss that map 🙁

  19. Basil Abeysekera

    show us the t30 when it was tier 10 and t34 when it was tier 9!! trip down memory lane qb

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