1. Sana omar

    my 6790 @ hd res and full settings without blur , does better , u are doing something wrong . 

  2. Lev Adrenalin

    only 30fps??? ahahahah bullshit! with my sapphire hd 6870 1Go I have 60 fps…you don't have 7970…

  3. False King

    Для игр его на года 3 хватит,если видюха топовая…А если видео в диапазоне 7-9 тыс,то на 1 год)

  4. Mirek Jahoda

    This video is part of the whole article (where it's explained – low speed is because of recording highres video on the HDD).

  5. False King

    В патче 0.7.1 еще не стояла многоядерность,щас без лагов все идет,у самого система AMD FX-8350,ОЗУ 16 гигов,Gigabyte hg 7970 FPS 80-150

  6. kaplis117

    having same isu with 7950

  7. Evan Elgin

    You should be getting way more than 30 FPS with that card. I run Eyefinity at 5760×1080 on a 7970@1100MHz and I get a steady 80 FPS.

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