World of Tanks – Best Replays of the Week International #60

In this episode we have a Defender who only lives once, a Jagdpanther II dishing out damage, and an indestructible Soviet war machine. Let’s roll!

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  1. Tsanko Petkov

    wg retards

  2. Kawashima Keita

    new fast and furious trailer is revealed!

  3. NoteThe Olive

    I'm watching this cause wot is updating

  4. Popcorn

    the legend says applewow is still stuck on cliff

  5. jim jack jonny


  6. Majki Tajszon

    I pushed the like when they lined up. When the maus went on wheelie i just burst out laughing. the
    Best intro

  7. Fuel Rabbit

    and err all alone alone alone
    that acho tho

  8. The Korbinger

    I fucking lost it with that Maus wheelie XDDD

  9. MisF1t

    pathetic how ppl think they have skill with unbalanced SERB ammo..:(

  10. Drummercommander

    That T54 lightweight was awesome in the end!

  11. Donlollo Donlollo

    wargaming pierdolone szmaciarze.

  12. It's Olive

    12:26, u r becoming like jingles
    It's a centurion not conqueror

  13. oooOoLoEoGooo GaminG

    Hahahaha racing of year XD

  14. PUNISHERE989

    On another note, I wish you didn't show games like you just did with the KV5. That was just by chance that worked, but now every KV5 driver is going to try that. ( just by the fact that the SU152 wasn't using the 152mm gun was also just by chance.)

  15. Yengkong Yang

    Lol Tanks racing

  16. Yengkong Yang


  17. Angus Vandersluis

    That's an awesome intro!

  18. Tomas Prochazka

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