World of Tanks – Best Replays of the Week International #63

In this episode we have: a Wall of Soviet Steel, an Easy Eight in a hard fight, and Raphtorne being unleashed onto Fisherman’s Bay. Let’s find out what that means.

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  1. Wargaming Europe

    Our apologies for the mistake in this video, the scores for the M4E3A8 battle clip can be seen here:

  2. Spectra RO

    the last battle is rong watck american tank and finaly show the Leopard 1 MT

  3. Santi Ago

    We start off with sum stalinium

  4. Ognjen Milosevic

    5:10 that arty has two camo nets ? What ?!? lol


  5. Johny Etwer

    I love how he says the name Nemanja like it's from Africa but is actually from the Balkans.

  6. Saint 14

    At 13:55 it show the e8 right next thing you know it shows a Leo 1

  7. goran sebastian

    Were we can upload a match?

  8. Ma5ter Drago

    Soviet Union!!

  9. Averov

    Strv use aimbot

  10. Sreten Bojic

    Maybe for next video 😉

  11. Octavian Petru

    how can send to you my replay ?

  12. Linh Hà

    13:34 M4A3E4 turned to Leopard 1?? omg

  13. Bravant Adam



    Camping game Plays

  15. PANKI_7

    OH can't believe my replay again in this video 🙂

  16. Daniel

    why aren't these replays from the current patch??

  17. Leon Jenko

    WOW the easy8 made 13k dmg! Amazing!

  18. Nikola _928

    Hey WG! whether it will get you in the game World of Tanks Japanese artillery and tanks destroyers?