World of Tanks – Best Replays of the Week International #66

In this episode we have: a Steel Wall massacre in Paris, an inappropriate choice for a Scout, and a spectacular Top Gun with an artillery piece. Let’s get to it!

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  1. jack maole

    Even tho the M44 were spamming HEAT I liked this game cause we'll never see this again 🙁

  2. Boyboy Khadjiev

    Where do you have to send your replays

  3. dgiannas85

    I think I could be the next defender of the week!!!

  4. Jakob Windisch

    Where can i upload a video that i have a chance to get into the video?

  5. Александр Писаренко

    мамку ебал

  6. manuel hernandez

    je ne critique pas j'affirme qu'il se rais possible de maitre les videos en français cet tous pour le moment

  7. Hmong Boy

    Okay a AP shells enters the commander hatch, his head blows up filled with shrapnel (hope I spelled that right) and he's dead… Radio gunner:" don't worry use a med kit"
    Loader:"okay" throws med kit at the lifeless body loader: "it did not work" radio gunner:"oh yeah this is real life, i forgot" shell enters tank loader:"aaannnnd were dead"

  8. Maxence Voisin

    How you made for the view thank you

  9. pkapi11 11

    Witam jestem wiernym graczem world of tanks od pół roku mam pomysł jak byście mogli dodać nagrywanie bitwy na telefon ja wiem że można pobrać roota i nagrywarke ale mam androida kitkat 4.4.2 i jak pobieram roota psuje mi sie WoT poradzicie coś?
    Mam kanal i dużo osub mnie o to prosi
    Jak możecie coś poradzić to prosze!!!!

  10. godzilla 1991 roar

    wargaming you need to fix the matchmakiang it keeps sending me in teir 5 battles

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