World of Tanks – Best Replays of the Week International #68

World of Tanks - Best Replays of the Week International #68

In this episode we have: a fully armed and operational battle station, a cockroach on a rampage, and a Sniper who refuses to give up. Go!

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  1. Wargaming Europe

    Hello everyone <3
    Enjoy the new episode of BRW!

  2. Samuel .R

    éviter de jouer à ça !! c'est pas les joueurs adverse qui te feront perdre, mais le jeu lui même, avec des matchmaking truqè

  3. Borghesi tanck

    Sample mockery from WG ,MM less 1% win

  4. The EXAM [Games]

    Hey Wargaming, I often see in these replays extra achievements. For example: before the replay is shown, you say show the achievement featured in the replay such as High Caliber, but in the results, Top Gun and some other stuff are also seen. How about featuring those achievements too before the start of a replay?

  5. AustriaCobra28

    13 kills and only 5,7k xp fail wargaming

  6. LEThebest78

    T54 heat noob

  7. Kacper Wandas

    Someone knows music at 0:25 ?

  8. محمد غسان

    i love whrd of tank bltz wowowow its good veri goood

  9. Tobiasu

    I love the unexpected expressions . "Like a dragon guardin the treasure" . So clever 🙂

  10. Nik JP

    Yay… HEAT-54 in the Best Replays of the Week. I know things are done differently in the Asian Server… but hey, let's encourage people to go full HEAT loadout, because, you know, they've seen it on YouTube…

  11. ZenFlight

    So good you award ppl playing op tanks spamin 330 HEAT (hint: T54). No skill needed for such gameplay. It doesent flame players to hate game even more. NOT AT ALL!!! I mean… Not like Deathstar or E50 fired to many standard rounds either. Spam GOLD and get rewarded for it 😉

  12. Syahareen Sha Rani

    The first replay always reminds me of me trying to carry my team harder but it wasn't enough was it almost 3K damage in my tier 7 Tiger P and couldn't carry my team to win we manage to lose T^T

  13. herman van staden

    gold ammo is cancer like arty

  14. Christophe Fasquel

    Plus de vidéos full gold bande de noobs

  15. Johny Etwer

    How do they choose replays of the week?

  16. Cat Master

    I have a scout of the week game with vk leopard but it didnt let me the choice of sending it in the "scout" categorie. Is it intended or I missed something ?

  17. Andrei Morar

    Death Star shall rise again!

  18. Adrian West

    Rigged trash

  19. Ville Lepoaho

    Wargaming, why are you making tier 10 tanks that will be unavailable for people? First Foch 155, now FV215b

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