World of Tanks – Best Replays of the Week International #69

World of Tanks - Best Replays of the Week International #69

In this episode we have a scout with no time to waste, Bat-Brothers in Arms, and a Patton who’s too much for a teammate to handle.

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  1. Wargaming Europe

    Hello commanders! Are you ready for some action?

  2. Jakub Sedlacek

    I always see ppl hitting like , half-aimed snapshots right into the sweetspot , and then I recall how often I miss a full aimed JPanther 50 meter shot.

  3. Костя-танкист Ryplesh


  4. Backick45

    Can you put the links to the songs in the description

  5. GN.GoldenBeast

    how can we get a replay mod???

  6. miguel silva

    Luke the Emil's name is "Too fat to fly"!

  7. Mad ObiMike

    Iros a tomar por el culo hijos de puta de mierda, basura, chusma criminal. WG sois basura hijos de puta

  8. Muhammad Ahmad

    You could have just called him Too Fat To Fly

  9. Александр Муратов – that was nervous game in sandbox 😉

  10. francois dinauto

    Is this the last episode of Wot Replays ?

  11. Rollwik

    excelent gameplay and no making credits its absurd…

  12. Borghesi tanck

    WarGayming manipulated MM only for hackers , and offer full support for all hackers from res_mods !!!

  13. luca engels

    pls take my repaly for the 70. episode

  14. yacir Rahov

    Song name for the emil gameplay plsss

  15. Sirm00setache

    Nice gold spam by the patton


    So realy.. All with premium player.. So giving on me with 365 day premium and im giving with Wg Europe in best replay in year. NEW FACTION !! BEST REPLAY IN WEEK ONLY PREMIUM PLAYERS !! & BEST REPLAY IN WEEK ONLY STANDARD PLAYERS !!

  17. kimideath721

    Dislike protože to není ani v českých titulkách… a řekl bych, že česká komunita by si to zasloužila…

  18. Андрей Аксенов

    здарова Европа))

  19. The EXAM

    Ehh, who knows why the T71 replay was shown just a week ago by WG? The replay might have just been sent to them last week because the main player in the vid had no clue about BRotW, or he may have not been able to send it until now. After all, this video series extremely relies on the WoT players themselves because no replays sent = no best replays of the week, so stop saying "change it into "best replays of the MONTH"" and stop on keeping on blaming WG, why don't you blame yourselves for not being able to have fantastic replays to be sent to WG, and shown to the whole world.