World of Tanks – Best Replays of the Week International #70

In this episode we have: a medium with a will to win, a pair of heavies standing united, and a Tiger with brain to back up their brawn.

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  1. Wargaming Europe

    Hello everyone!
    Enjoy this new episode of BRW!

  2. Seygem

    the VK 3002m is what the Panther should have been in WoT

  3. Božo Brižić

    this Leo PTA clearly uses aimbot as in the game the aim dot does not behave like this, nice driving but shooting we need to see without aimbot – and you guys gave him gold on top of it gg

  4. nofit penning

    Lool ah bird..

  5. xGxPhantom Zzz

    Good job editing the Laptop screen ,that it looks like he isn't just reading his text.

  6. Acritic

    Bilidiom :)))

  7. Wildx_I_LOVE_YOU lol

    Hey luka you don't look that bad

  8. sumawira wijanata

    Finally face reveal 😀

  9. Bob Dickens

    He called the chi nu a Chinese medium….