World of Tanks – Best Replays of the Week International #76

In this episode we have a Swedish sniper, a scout doing doughnuts and a near suicidal defender!

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  1. Wargaming Europe

    Do you like having 20 minutes of replays or do you prefer a shorter format?

  2. Adrian Costache

    Hello, guys how i can try to send some replays to you? i have to put the link here? idk, pls help me :

  3. DEKHO

    that scout make it so easyand here I am 3 weeks past I cant do 3000 dmg combined for the mission

  4. yli ylijumala

    Is it a good replay if I did 3k dmg with my cromwell, bottom tier in west field, succesfully trying to ammorack O-Ho. ??

  5. Radu Rus

    Dont REPLACE LUKE…….LIKE EVERRRRRRR…AND FOR YOU LUKE, Keep up the good work, I cant wait to see the next episode of replays with the new graphycs, that wold be amazing

  6. Chuck Lotro

    Top tier M103 on the red line on prok…….Oh this game's playerbase…..

  7. RIRI

    In wot blitz the elc bis don t have turret renove that pls


    how can i send u my replay of this week !! i have nice replay for LTG tank

  9. Stjepan Đogolović

    Best best replays of the week yet GJ guys

  10. gobi daff

    Lol the last Tank in this video have more luck enemy tanks AFK friendly FIRE and stupid Tank driver

  11. Cesar Sanchez

    That B-C are doesn't shoot the clip every 10 seconds, it does it ever 6 I believe.
    And that has to be the easiest 11 kills I have ever seen.