World of Tanks Blitz Arrives on Mac OS X

40 million tankers now have more friends to find and opponents to challenge with World of Tanks Blitz on Mac OS X. Jump into tactical 7-vs-7 tank combat, command hundreds of diverse vehicles, battle players from around the world with cross-platform play, create Clans with your friends, and more.

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  1. Woofywolf

    oh cmon, why use the firefly if its not in blitz

  2. Mr. Hymn

    LOL similar when apple introducing a new product

  3. Big Bjerkfelt

    COULD you just IMPROOVE world of tanks for mac users? We don't want to play blitz! I have a tier 10 in normal Wot but i have to play on LOWEST graphics to play it. I have spent much money in this game Wargaming, and id love if you could make my gameplay better, and less laggy. You make so much money, that it wouldn't hurt to invest some more 🙂

  4. Jan Balicki

    Excuse me there is no Sherman Firefly in World of Tanks Blitz.

  5. Daniel Aguirre

    You mean "same shit just like in the PC version"

  6. playernameistoolong

    It's not April 1st yet guys.

  7. Bender

    It does not work

  8. iDeathStroke19

    i already play WoT on mac with Medium+ graphics

  9. BenTheTiger 131Tank

    sherman firefly is coming in to the updated

  10. Emir Wat Tambor

    I am currently playing WoT Blitz on my iPad. If I download this on my iMac will I keep my tanks and stats? I would much rather play on the large screen of my iMac than the iPad. I would greatly appreciate an answer from someone.

  11. MiguelPpM

    Wait what?…

  12. Tomohran

    Blitz is fucking impossible to control on the mobile version. I bet it's a lot easier with just keys like on ordinary WoT…

  13. Fappierer

    Who plays on Apple products?

  14. ThePainTrain4234

    Lol I play World of Tanks (not blitz) for long time on my Mac

  15. _Barto_Simpsons_

    worw! how much money did appel pay for WARGaming do say soo mush BS in the ad.