1. Human Cookie

    Did China make the 212? Or is there only the 121? (Pls help my friend says there is 212 and 121, but everyone else says 121 only.

  2. Ak47necros


  3. Maytriks
  4. Shadow destroyer

    All shell traces are orange – .- #loadthegold

  5. SLAVA CCCP!!!

    and japanese heavy

  6. SLAVA CCCP!!!

    and crezh tank

  7. SLAVA CCCP!!!

    and swedish tank

  8. SLAVA CCCP!!!

    i want SPG type tank

  9. Hugh 2CV

    Introduce more Japanese tanks or the Czech or Swedish tank destroyer and medium tank tech tree

  10. G水果拼盤武士

    still Japan only one line FFS

  11. Zabijaka 321

    niech tworcy gry w nastepnej aktualizacji przyjrzą sie fv215b skróceniu mu czas ładowania i zwiekszenie ilosci hp z 2100 do 2500 jak maus ma najwiecej hp ze wszystkich czołgów a to fv powinien miec tyle zycia co maus

  12. ggffg fchfd


  13. Klaus Himmler

    Russian copy tanks. No thx

  14. Ricardo Jr. Torres

    Special tanks like unique tanks

  15. Ricardo Jr. Torres

    I love this game I hope for more tech trees I want to own and use every tank my dream to collect premium tanks that I can buy or earn either just wish theyd gave special tank sales like in world of tanks like cmon why only there it be nice on blitz too I play both