World of Tanks Blitz Camo Armour and Angles How to Guide

World of tanks blitz is a steep steep learning curve. With so many things taken for granted, i thought it time to get back to basics and maybe explore a few parts of the game and gameplay mechanics that you need to know to get through the red team day in and day out.

So today we look at camo. Specifically finding ways to fire without being spotted by exploiting the cover we find all through the maps. I’m going to talk about High Explosive Rounds, how they work and how you should be utilising them, as well as a quick look at side scraping and view range.

All in all standard stuff for a lot of the player base, however for those who don’t know it’s literally life saving and game winning knowledge.

So sit back relax and get on the world of tanks blitz Camo train with me and my good mate and assistant for this vid RichliecaMp.

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As always thanks to the guy that inspired me to start rolling out blitz content. The Mighty Mighty Jingles!


  1. Jonathan schadenfreude

    Another goody man thx

  2. Gustaf Adolphus

    You are russian ?

  3. Leslie Clark

    thanks for the information , awesome video and well explained.


    Dude busha ur tips are awesome helps me a ton thx man ur the best

  5. elvis elviss

    i just did a little fun in random battle whit ru 251 i put camo net,optics and rammer so at start at battle i run to middle of map in bush and hide there and i spot every enemy tank alll day long without get spotted and tiger 2 poped out 116meters away from me and i say to my self gg he saw me im dead couse all of thoes tds in enemy team wouls be destroyed me in seconds, but no i was not spotted and i thout wtf? 😀 its harrific 😀

  6. Napoleon Baguette

    thank you for this guide man.
    truly helps my weak tanks

  7. thijmnesoy

    this helped me So much

  8. Tanks and gaming

    Cam you switch the intro back to this one? Its the best!

  9. Jonah Efaw

    How is the blue camo earned?

  10. Galactic Tech Creator

    I think most maps don't have many bushes though. Well desert maps don't have any at all. That can be a real problem.

  11. colblimp

    Thanks Bushka, very helpful.

  12. punchion

    Thanks for the vids Bushka.

  13. chetan varma

    can you make vedio on a t7 and tortoise… pls

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