World Of Tanks Blitz – Can’t Win Them All #2

Thanks For Watching Blitzers!

That RNG tho…

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World of Tanks Blitz is a Mobile Free to Play MMO action game with team-based online battles on smartphones and tablets.

This video was inspired by Quickybaby. Loved his CWTA series, so I decided to make a blitz version.


  1. Love House

    Can u do a video of how to upload videos?plz

  2. tankboy70 NWR

    What's your clan?

  3. ronnoc67 [FVR]

    4 v 2 at the start

  4. do not upload

    no gold bullet and fail

  5. Willy Willward

    Where can I get one?

  6. Willy Willward

    I want a screen recorder

  7. Danny Vennemann

    Nice Intro

  8. Sheila Dumaraog

    Dimzzy hacome u don't respond to me or platoon I'm colorfulsheila


    yuo mod

  10. Landon Carling

    play wit me I'm TheBeast250

  11. Monstrous Agar And More!

    Is it suppose to be Russian tanks with Russian troll armor

  12. One Don Addi

    What happen is that he shooed his tank to the left when you shot at him, just in time to deflect the shot. If he didn't move, it would've been a win.

  13. Sooovann

    Why do you call that RNG (bouncing on the T95 lower hull) ? Isn't RNG supposed to represent whether low or high your damage roll is ?

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