1. WWR Wywern

    WG Don't hacker

  2. makke on blitz

    just delete this video fucking moron everyone knows that it isnt fucking working

  3. Nathan White

    Omfg the Photoshop is fuckin hilarious

  4. Alfa delta

    FAKE !!!!

  5. Noxid21

    dont any of you realise you get banned, thats why he made a newaccount

  6. underside821

    100% real no fake!!!

  7. Cindy Ding

    Hacker?Get in jail!

  8. Tanky

    srsly/ you know that wargaming want too earn money? what ever (viel spasst mit deinem ban 😉 )

  9. Lendalfex

    Another fake video…

  10. Fresh Ter


  11. Ranit Bhaumik

    If you add 30000 golds with the first 50 golds you get at start,how come you get the result as 30000 instead of 30050?
    Use your brain in simple mathematics instead of poor quality video editings.

  12. Lortex

    hahaha cool photoshop m8

  13. Thomas Garrett

    none of these work, and if they do its definatley not as simple as installing the app, then letting it run for thirty seconds, anytime i get there it tells me to install 2 apps, and reach a certain point in the game. too frustrating and kinda not worth it if u gotta wait hours and hours for the shitty game to let u get to the point u need to be at. friggin garbage

  14. K GamePL684

    F*ck you mother

  15. N0Deer4SpacЭ

    Fck u hacker of shit

  16. Panzer Cztery


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