World Of Tanks Blitz | Let’s Play #1 | iOS / Android HD Gameplay

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World of Tanks goes mobile!

World of Tanks Blitz is a free-to-play mobile MMO action game developed by Wargaming, the award-winning online game developer and publisher of World of Tanks, the smash PC hit now with over 90 million players worldwide!

Drawing inspiration from the PC version, World of Tanks Blitz is built specifically for optimal online mobile gameplay and is currently available on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

With an impressive roster of over 100 massive tanks, stunning graphics, and intuitive touch-screen controls, World of Tanks Blitz makes it easy to jump into short, action-packed 7vs7 tank battles no matter where you are!

A truly free-to-play game. No timers, energy bars, fuel—play as much as you want and whenever you want.

“Shown on iPad, the game looks as good as its PC and Xbox 360 counterparts.”

“We’ve seen a lot of less ambitious tank games come out on mobile. Everyone has the same idea. They all want to be the World of Tanks on mobile.”

“The game played extremely well on the tablet.”

Requires an Internet connection and iPad 2 / iPhone 4S or better to play.

• Over 100 iconic vehicles from Germany, Great Britain, the United States, and the USSR
• 4 different tank classes including light, medium, heavy, and tank destroyers
• Strategic 7v7 online multiplayer gameplay
• 10 unique battle arenas
• In-game chat functionality
• Innovative crew upgrade system
• Constant graphics enhancement and updates, as well as optimization for various devices
• Real-life physics to create realistic tank movement and damage mechanics
• Detailed tutorials
• Ability to invite your friends to play online
• In-game achievements
• Free to play with equal access to in-game elements for paying and non-paying players
• Easy to learn, intuitive touch screen controls
• Added BATTLE MISSIONS that open up new, personalized challenges of varying difficulty and enable players to earn bonuses and achievements


  1. [JKL] Sappers

    I have tier 10 bitches

  2. Jumior Pierre

    which screen recorder do u use to do your video please tell me plaese

  3. Jerome Holliman

    I'm on world of tanks blitz add W4tch_me_whip I'm a subscriber and a good player too

  4. Sc0RPioN InjuStiCe

    I am playing 1 year ago!

  5. Cryaotic Append

    wait… why is their a new map… WHY DONT I HAVE THAT MAP?!

  6. GermanSnipz

    Hi Boom Beach General
    u wanna play in a platoon with me ?

  7. Ché Calder

    I have tier 7 tanks only :/

  8. Burnout Wien

    Try using some Medics

  9. Purplect

    +Boom Beach,
    If u wanna learn wot, check out QuickyBabyTV.
    And if u think the graphics in THIS has good graphics, check out the PC version

  10. Med Yakhou

    you can upgrade the tank by unlocking some modules using an XP that you can get by playing games , the shells are normal Shells AP / gold shells / explosive shells , gold shells or those you can buy with high ammount of money got better penetration

  11. Non Content

    I'm definitely going to check this game out, looks pretty neat.

  12. Med Yakhou

    lol I've been playing this game on pc for 4 years lol i can give u some tips :d

  13. PUMA MTA

    +Boom Beach General (Boom Beach) hey bro wassup, i play that game which is called world of tanks in desktop u can do try it in desktop top make not much hard to control it but in android/ois called world of tanks blitz i think 😉

  14. Hiraki play || Games&Unboxing channel

    lol now then you play wot blitz, its been out first in apple store followed by anidroid. sad that u r in europe sever cos im in asia sever. tip – go and look at the tech tree and each of the nation, decide on which tier 10 tank u want to achieve. i recomend a heavy tank and tier 10 heavy can be the maus or the e100, GERMAN STEEL!

  15. Ravi007 Gaming

    Awesome Video Bootramp! Im downloading it!

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