1. Эмирлан Бакытбек

    Please tell the name of the music:)

  2. Saibot 095


  3. Saibot 095

    nice musik!

  4. Tiger King A5

    What do u use to make a thumbnail

  5. Tiger King A5

    How did you make it

  6. Tiger King A5

    You like make it how u want it to

  7. Tiger King A5

    And how do you make the video look like that when you go to click on it to watch it

  8. Tiger King A5

    I'm still editing my special

  9. Tiger King A5

    Oh and have you edited those vids?

  10. Tiger King A5

    Could you actually send me your POV of those battles too?

  11. Thomas Dennis

    Dude wanna do a training room

  12. Tiger King A5

    What do you use to edit?

  13. Tiger King A5

    hey flyz… I was wondering if I could do some of my 100 sub special with you? just wondering, let me know what you think. and nice video

  14. Thomas Dennis

    Dude it's me turbo81606 I subscribe to u

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