1. The dark sky 101

    I know your s good player but you don’t have to be mean and say plz don’t you suck

  2. Gami Buan

    Im gonna like dis

  3. man nameless

    I don’t like the rating battles and I seldom play it because it is too relied on your teammate,I often lose even I dealt 3000+ damage on E75.

  4. _13 resin

    Can i get a sub back dimmzy? Gg..

  5. Prasit Pengsri

    fv215b183 is pretty awesome.

  6. Straw

    Sucks how dimzzy gets decent teams, me on the other hand. 1 minute passes by and half of my team is dead.

  7. Creeper _marksman


  8. Hendra Gunawan

    im going for is 7 medium are so expensive with that ammo

  9. KhmerHD4K You

    That's fucked up to most of your fans, "could u please not suck?" That's fucked up! Be grateful for your supportive fans you ass!

  10. Erick Live

    Putito te la comes

  11. william hobza

    Nothing impressive.

  12. putra ardana wijaya


  13. Pierre-Marie Garrouste

    Gg! Uh what's ur server and ur winrate ? 🙂

  14. Mohd Azhar Suhaini

    amx 50 b

  15. Mohd Azhar Suhaini

    i have a x

  16. Mohd Azhar Suhaini

    i like u so much

  17. Mohd Azhar Suhaini


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