1. Kasari Gaming

    I'm halfway through the Spic grind to the RU 251 atm. After watching this I'm even more excited to get it. No Armor? Pfft. That doesn't matter when you're driving at 80kph max and drifting around corners like a race car. It looks beautiful as well. Plus that rate of fire is lovely. I'm so excited lol

  2. ace tsang

    The only thing I hate RU is that the tank is bound to lose all your credit unless you get ace tanker and bound to be raped by T49 and the depression is bad at rear.

  3. (31862) Thanachote Sakdapipanich

    I had alot of problems with this tank lol BUT now Im better after watch this vid thxx

  4. TF2 is the best

    good tank ru

  5. Emerson Case

    I'm really close to getting Ru

  6. John Choi

    But the drac excerlorates way wya faster

  7. Edward Wu

    do none of you people read the wot news? there is a server downtime because of 3.3
    it tells you exactly when from start to finish

  8. Canari Porsche


  9. 顏晨翔

    what is different between ru251 and t54lt?

  10. rohit singh

    very good content…dimzzy brother jst keep them coming..hats off and respect

  11. AnttiL

    Cant log in, disconnected from server. GJ Wargaming !

  12. Michael Douglas

    I can't play my game?? it keeps saying I was booted from server or some bullshit how do I fix??

  13. Drako365

    Dat Pershing just gave up

  14. Thu Oo

    disconnected from server :/

  15. ANTHO '

    I cannot Login….

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