World of Tanks BLITZ – She’s Back! – FURY Returns to the Store – See our preview here!

Well howdy folks and Welcom Back to The Garage!! I am very pleased to put out this review for you on FURY, the Tier VI medium Premium tank as depicted in the movie of the same name a couple of years ago.

CORRECTION: FURY has 12 degrees of gun depression, not ten. I think I am going to stop using Armour Inspector. Every time I screw up the gun depression figure i have depressed the gun in the app and when it stops i read the figure. Evidently i need to hit the button again. obviously I am too stupid to hold the button down properly so I’m going to find a different app to use.

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I use QuickTime on my Macintosh and BandiCam on my PC to record my gameplay, and then export out for video editing.


  1. ghost boy

    i gought the fury

  2. Taylan Kaba ATOM

    he not girl

  3. Crazy Running Cruasder


  4. Crazy Running Cruasder

    Would gury come back for more?

  5. Jaws The Seawing

    I was just in a battle with one and I just happened to be in a Tiger(bad match making!) and guess what,HE KILLED ME!!!!

  6. Micke Lindkvist

    Sherman the best piece of crap ever made.Or should i use the more common name Ronson.

  7. eggnotti

    thanks huge A, enjoy your videos, picked up the fury for my grage, no I didn't misspell it, spelled like you say it. lol thanks again

  8. Roger Howell

    Thanks Hugh 4 the review!

  9. Panzer Shield

    Got the mastery badge in the first battle using the fury. did 2,617 damage.

  10. M2Bradly

    guys don't waste your money on a worse version of a tech tree tank lol wargaming is so greedy don't pay $20 for basically just camo

  11. Clash2 Clash2

    Where is the pink tshirt in the back of the tank

  12. TheSixtyFreezer

    whats your nickname

  13. Flyz it Dies

    dang it now it wont be rare anymore almost everyone is gonna buy it

  14. วัลลภ แน่นอุดร


  15. BlanchOnBlitz


  16. Kale Howatt

    great review just bought this tank and your review is accurat

  17. Puff Dragon

    Cromwell B is more better than this tank

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