1. ZoD0M WoTB

    Buena dimzzy justamente estoy trabajando en la maestria de este tanque

  2. Xanitrit Zeo

    The british line of tds are garbage until the last 3

  3. gio garsevanidze

    Very nice vid. I really like it. 🙂
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  4. Kampfbiber

    What a disgusting tank…

  5. The Wall Just Got 10 Feet Taller

    not using the derp gun 🙁

  6. Самуел Шишка

    ohh! No 4:3 aspect ratio. What happend dimzzy?

  7. Ekans Cao

    can we platoon in the löwe? If you can my account is snakeisekans, I've been having horrible games lately

  8. Rowell Castro

    try to troll noobs with the pz ll

  9. Canadia_bacon Wot Blitz

    hey dimzzy can i play a couple of games plse im play on na and the name is canadia_bacon wr is 53

  10. Noah Hutchinson

    I can't play this game anymore, the new update put a glitch on my iPad so it takes up all my storage even though I knew for a fact that I had 1.4 gigs left

  11. Musgo

    nice games 😉

  12. A Figueroa

    Nice video yo

  13. Captin Kitten

    can we play together sometime

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