World of Tanks || Blood, Sweat and Tears!

World of Tanks – Skorpion. Today D1s1990 from the RU server is going to bleed, sweat and possibly cry in his T8 German premium tank destroyer, the Skorpion.

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  1. TX2673XA

    Awesome replay. not every day you can manage a great round.

  2. Chuck Milliken

    Saw this video yesterday on another site.

  3. Mark Greensall

    wow what a finish to a battle, really thought it was going to drop back down on him and kill him off, lmas

  4. Eagles_Eye

    congrats on almost 500k.

  5. Salta Foss

    Skorpion G , the best td tier 8 !

  6. Tundra06

    sorry my engelando bad

  7. sven eifert

    Nice ending

  8. Jacob Place

    Dude I nearly flipped my shit when I saw the arty almost squash him

  9. Blackwood

    know why he couldn't finish that 212A in the last shot ?
    Because if he did, he will earn the rarest medal in WoT, which was inspired from a Soviet soldier in WW2. But, he was in a German tank.

  10. Jef Ward

    On WoT Console, us peasents on the EU server play with the russians, the worst players ever.

  11. Shardlake

    Gr8 replay 🙂 wp D1s

  12. shpaQu91


  13. Clayton Sanchez

    this was probably one of my blood sweat and tears moments.

  14. Commander Shephard

    You've never felt the power until you platoon 5 Chryslers in a tier 8 game, the power you have, and I didn't feel bad

  15. LojakZeRo

    Russian server is cancer.

  16. LegitJMC

    How's tankfest?

  17. Jonathan Arlaud

    while the player here was certainly decent, I feel like this particular win was more to do with the fact that the skorpion G is simply better than the standard tier VIII German tank destroyers

  18. Makakarer

    I lost count how many times i bounced out of sciorpion g lately with t-34 or t-54, and not track no dmg shot but actual bounce like wtf

  19. claude teyssedou

    third time i see this video to the net

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