World of Tanks Bot 2017 [Cyber Tank]

Newest and 100% working bot for World of Tanks 0.9.19, bot have automatic updates! This bot can raise your statistics and reach in a while tank tier 10 or just farm money.

1. Download Cyber Tank:
2. Install Cyber Tank
3. Register on this webpage to get the activation code:
4. Put the generated activation code to the app
5. Enjoy
Purchase battles:
Get 20 free battles key:

What is the „Cyber ​​tank“?
„Cyber ​​tank“ – the so-called bot program to automatically play World of tanks without human intervention. At the time when you are working or doing other things, „Cyber ​​tank“ for you earn (Farm) playing silver, experience and pumping crew. Using the „Cyber ​​tank“ to farm on premium tanks or tanks of a small level, you will always have money for playing on tanks 9-10 level.

What’s „Cyber ​​tank“ can?
Marksmanship. Bot instantly detects the visible enemy, suggests a tower and begins to shoot, choosing the most vulnerable points. Bot can be nice to shoot at moving enemies, hoping to pre-emption.
Bot is well-versed on all maps, it is able to reach any visible enemy and attack him.
In the absence of enemies near the bot goes for allies.
Bot able to retreat in case of high risk.
Bot has a setting for each tank of caution and in accordance with it selects its behavior.
Bot able to use repair kit, first aid kit and fire extinguisher.
Bot able to capture the base.
Bot has a setting priority in the fight for the release of each tank.
You can choose any tanks and PT for farming excluding ACS.
You can set a pause between fights, as well as set the maximum number of fights for a certain period.
Bot can automatically log the game can wait out a temporary loss of connection.
Bot can restart the game in case of a sudden drop.
And much more.


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  1. Garen The Might Of Demacia

    i activated it but now above active it says ''not fair use'' and above start auto playing it says ''not ready''

  2. SRGshadow

    people who use did get cancer u ruin the game

  3. Cyber_Tank_pl

    Cyber Tank for EU users ->

  4. smooky

    ? can be banned using this ?

  5. Burger Miklós

    down link??

  6. RamRanch CS:GO

    Please help I bought a key and they gave it to me but it says key not found

  7. Abdürezzak Ebubekir

    cant pay from turkey

  8. john banks

    yeah, something with your program..won't install right..tell it where wot is and boom..doesnt let me click next..was gonna use it just for a lark see if it actually worked…kinda glad the installs is buggered now..not working at all HAHA

  9. MaximumSFM

    doesn't work.

  10. Mayuri Sama

    oh my god I wish there was a bot like this for World of Warships ! 😮

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