1. Brox

    sound mod please

  2. Владимир Еремин

    oh krytje

  3. Владимир Еремин


  4. Владимир Еремин

    fot lol krynje

  5. Владимир Еремин


  6. fn 2198

    imagine how cool it would be if bt7 art could shoot just like artillerys and shoot just like other tanks

  7. Spartan1083

    Loadout on that tank plz

  8. Xenon YT

    1200 domage Whit thaïs tank In blitz….

  9. indoguy lel

    wow that was close to win or lose! was it draw?

  10. wot_thith _albania

    hey bt 7 art is normal tank ?

  11. obj. 277

    Looks like a bt-42

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