World of Tanks – Careful Drivers Welcome

In which Fastusman gets completely surrounded by the enemy team at the lighthouse on the Cliff map, and doesn’t give one single shit.


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System Specs: Core i5 7600-K 3.8Ghz CPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1060 6GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. John Lu

    why is the destroyed symbol the spotted symbol?

  2. En Svensk Grabb

    "Literally kills everything"

  3. Telephone

    Jingles, Russia doesn't own the stans anymore, this isn't the Soviet Union.

  4. Ossie Dunstan

    Pakistan gets 124 ping i am in Australia and get 200 average on asia server when i played, that`s what happens when some one who has no knowledge of hardware in an internet infrastructure takes over and fucks up the whole countries phone lines and internet , i could not even connect to the NBN with thier modem(which also contains no instructions and a data miner embedded in the software circumventing your devices security) that how bad it is in Australia ,

  5. ACB Agente de Seguros

    amazing Fastusman..

  6. Piotr Fit


  7. TheRagaz

    ''basically killed everything''
    three seconds later…

  8. Kai Bieler

    This climbing mountain goat-lights are so ridiculous. hope, some day WG will stop this nonsense.

  9. Broadside

    Jingles where do we send WoWS vids??? The site in the description is being closed on the 8th.

  10. Anthony Johnson

    jingles that was a t32 not t29

  11. Kapitan Blacky


  12. jklahsd32 laksd13

    I don't get the Pakistan part.

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