World of Tanks – Carry Harder

Yes, I forgot to write a description.

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  1. mrJMAN17

    he shoots and penetrates. i shoot and it flings off with the crazy pen or just goes in the tracks. like how does a bullet that big with that much pen just take off the tracks? he was just lucky.

  2. alganhar1

    To be fair Jingles, if you are driving a Jpz E100 and you have a fast medium in front of you, you are not going to reload, you are just going to unload whatever you have in the gun tube at him.

    I have had games where I have loaded a premium round to shoot at something like a Maus or a Type 5' frontal armour, then had a very scary batchat tear round the corner.

    The batchat (or other med/light name here) is the more immediate threat, so I let him have it, with whatever ammo I have loaded, if its a premium, then fukkit! He gets the good stuff!

  3. Hoss Cartwright

    Nerf this tank. Buff the IS-7. There. I said it.

  4. Moja Marowak Šolja

    thx for reminding me why i don't like wot.

  5. Bartholomew Macaluso

    Well Jingles, you succeeded in getting me to try harder and play some more WOT

  6. wood1155

    Well yeah I did enjoy it ! Especially the part where that 183 got his just deserts ! What was it ? 1150 on him? Yeah Karma

  7. Adrian Bereczki

    4HP and IS7 not loading HE? Just delete and forget this game.

  8. Commander Max

    Great commentary jingles

  9. sturmpanzerwagen ATV

    Jingles! bloody hell!
    the reason why I don't watch Quickybaby's videos anymore is because he uploads too many heartbreaks!

    don't fail me, you almost never do!

    how about some more Atlantic Fleet?

  10. Werner van Eeden

    Excelent video Jingles

  11. Shawn Jackson


  12. Danny

    SHAME! That should have been a win! come on Jingles, use your minor celeberty status and get them a gift card.

  13. stewart mcallister

    keep up the good fight Mr jingles

  14. The Architect

    I love my tier 11 TD 😀 There are may times where i wish i could fire 1/2 a shell because its so overkill. If you ever have to kill a tank with 100-200hp left its just frustrating.

  15. Rangkara

    How old is jingles?

  16. Jake Gonzales

    nice hold on the heart break lol nice one jingles.

  17. Slubbs

    What a kick in the bollocks lol.

  18. Jack Morrison

    You know that video where a fatty plays a horror game and after an jumpscare he basecly pierces trough his monitor with his bare hand? Yeah,that can very easily happen to my monitor and after I do that I'll trow my ancient half-fossilezed computer trough the window of my apartment that's on the 4th floor

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