1. LemmingRush

    Tomorrow I'll be turning 19, so in celebration of it, I'll be livestreaming starting at 12:00 mountain time, tomorrow.

    hope to see you there 😮

  2. Low Spec PC Streamer

    E25 is pay to win. not cheating. In the since that it gives you an unfair advantage I can see how some people think its cheating. How ever if you got the $$, it is part of the game. I and some clan mates played them in a tournament a while back We used the E25s they carried us deep into the tournament with ease. The E25 is OP for the tier and without doubt, pay to win. I gave up on world ot tanks a couple of months ago because of the large number of people who are using cheat mods I'm looking for a PvP game in which they make and effort to filter out the cheaters.. Its no big secret that they are out of control in WoT.

  3. Kreassen

    what is a Naschron?

  4. Rocky's Rants

    That's not cheating. That's just not playing like a Retard.

  5. thedog556

    Notice the premium ammo spam and premium consumables. He lost 100k cr this match. No one can do this on a regular account

  6. francis cole

    bet doubt metaphor sister hold stand separate great in.

  7. Alien Alien

    The E25 should be banned by all, the cost refunded to their account. Sorry, the E25 is really OP. You didn't prove shit with this.

  8. Axel Fouley

    IF you call this cheating, then im speechelss. This is just a normal game for a player who is above average. You are top tier, ofc you are supposed to carry games like this. I dont like your video.

  9. Xevan

    man if atleast 1 person in team was using brain like you the game would be much more enjoyable, great job

  10. Nikoxion

    6.01 "It's curretnly a 4v1. Um.. I just killed the Nashorn so I actually did get a Fadins in this game"
    -Probably meant a Kolobanov's

  11. Jerome Lenk


  12. Peter H. van Leeuwen

    Thanks man for the clear explanation….these thumbs down ? Do nog understanding that….

  13. [Handsome Dragon メゖだ]

    this was a really nice video. im constantly trying to improve in this game by analyzing what ive done and what i could`ve done better, especially since i just recently unlocked my first TX tank. This was really informative and definetly showed me some stuff i will aply in my future games…sooo TL;DR have a sub

  14. Glaux De

    The way u pronounce nashorn it'd be written naschorn cuz english 'sh' is german 'sch' so nashorn is pronounced like nas-horn

  15. WhichLens

    What's a bit strange genius is u do some resume at the end… like maybe for yourself. Very 19ish ! I guess it's the way u memorize things for now. Can't wait for the next move.

  16. jonny c 2.0

    Hit me bavk i got a youtub channl to lol come see and sup

  17. jonny c 2.0

    Jonnyc200. Pltoon me frand. And lmk asasasaaaaaasap asap lmk wgat pc controller are you using send me a link for one of them on eBay cuz there's no way you could be using a keyboardist not possible to do that good of work with a shity keyboard so I would really prefer if you would be kind enough to play with me on Blitz and talk to me more about some more games in about what do you use to play because I'm saying a difference and variances of controllers out there

  18. jonny c 2.0

    I am a good plaer on blizz

  19. pincyberjedi

    Nice playing, but the voice is so boring…

  20. FooBar Maximus

    Don't any of you game-tards have actual lives? Sooner or later, mama is gonna kick you off that couch you know.