World of Tanks Cheats Exposed Again

This video was created as a training video for my clans weekly training session to show and discuss World of Tanks cheats. The focus was on what they are, what they do and what we can do to try and counter them. I do not promote, name, recommend or use cheats in normal game play.
This video is being posted for those who have never seen the cheat mods in action but have heard of them. My focus was showing you the cheats first hand so you can get an idea of how messed up it is that people are using these. These mods have been bundled and are sold for a monthly price. Some of the mods include; AIM bot, lasers, redball, destroyed objects, tundra, reload timer, blind hit mod, tracer, enemy direction, always black sky etc…
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You can also see the training session page with helper pdf file showing the list of mods at


  1. Hands - Gamer

    Full cheat and still noob tomato … I hope you have already lost the account to the wide hand of being muggle.

  2. Beppi Menozzi

    Now I understand why I run with my light tank at full speed, in traverse, with 4/5 of my hull down, and if I get spotted, after half second I get immediately hit, without any miss shot.

  3. eklypse13

    just the fact that you have these makes you a douchebag. thanks for being part of the reason why me and many others have quit playing. Im sure wargaming is pleased. Eat a bag of dicks and choke on the last one.

  4. Yiyang Yu

    Reported. Plz come again

  5. PsychoticEwok

    and this why I play WoT on ps4 now no mods ( or no cheating fuck boys the way I see it ) why even bother playing with all these mods? it takes the fun and skill out of the game

  6. Kevin Button

    And reported good work showing youtube your mods dude

  7. Azriel PSX

    thanks for showing this ,just WOW people actually use these

  8. Henry Morgan

    Thanks to Kahduu and assholes like him who do their part to ruin the game just because they are software developers (or know someone who is). Believe it or not, a lot of these punk-ass cheat mods originate in Wargaming itself.

  9. Brad Rolim

    Play a game is hard , a retard cheater need a mod to play for him …

  10. Mike Hunt

    no excuse for using these mods. you should just have your account banned, scum like you need to be eraticated

  11. edwin Davis

    not all of those mods are illegal

  12. shut_up_ n_diie

    Cheaters suck Hillarys balls

  13. Jim Mc

    Almost anyone playing this game has seen these cheats, they just don't realize it. But it's the reason I hardly play anymore. I have all the tanks in the game including the premiums and I've been playing since Alpha. It's just not fun anymore.

  14. 2155 61518 521417

    u know where to download redball and tundra

  15. Davey Cammack

    I used a basic aimbot where I had to click manually to fire. This shit is way more advanced & that's why you see players with stats through the roof & win rates so high, you would think wot was their only daily activity!

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