World of Tanks: Chinese Tanks Trailer


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Update 8.2 will invite players to experience the very best in Chinese tank development, across 17 new armored vehicles. The new Chinese tech tree will be composed of modifications on the Soviet, French, British, and American combat machines, and will also include a number of the Chinese-made tanks that never went into mass production.


  1. addicted to games

    china doesnt have chi-to chi-he

  2. addicted to games

    those are japanese tanks

  3. Chen David

    and non of the jap tanks can pen a sherman, how did it pen a t34-85

  4. Chen David

    jap tanks can block a shoot? most of the time things just go through it like going through paper.

  5. Chen David

    that is japan tanks

  6. Sword *

    the trailer for the tech tree where practically more than half of the tanks never existed
    and the other half of pure copy tanks

  7. Dirty Money Man

    Dont worry, China. Youll have the world's most powerful economy in about 70 years

  8. Private Yeltsin

    It's a hard tree to climb, that's for sure.

  9. L C

    mother fucker nippons! died yesterday and die everyday! japan fucking murders!

  10. AstroKAney KooN KeeN


  11. Movie Metal

    They break so easily 🙁

  12. Peni Mochtar

    poor japanese tanks ;-;

  13. ReinBow

    they are not chinese they are Japanese Tank. chinese doesnt have chi to

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