World of Tanks – Churchill

World of Tanks - Churchill

It’s been a busy week, time to get back to business as usual with World of Tanks.

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    Привет из России !

  2. guyonearth

    Gotta love how the corner of a shed stops a full speed heavy tank dead. Nice physics, Wargaming.

  3. Charles Dark

    I wonder what Bert the Avenger would sound like if he could talk.

  4. lara giles

    hi jingles you said about your favourite witty comment from churchill ill just say mine in case you havent heard it
    george bernard shaw sent churchill 2 tickets to an opening night of his with a note saying bring a friend if you have one
    winston sent back tickets with a note saying cant make first night will come to second night …. if you have one

  5. Ulric Kessler

    "Mr. Churchill you are quite drunk." ~ Woman at a party to Churchill
    "Madam you are quite ugly and in the morning I shall be sober, but you shall still be ugly." ~ Churchill's response.

  6. Procrastinator7

    I like the Churchill tanks actually. They are slow but that's the way I like it.

  7. david kirk

    2887 xp? i just got 4166 in my tiger p lol

  8. Kale Clements

    why don't you get a real job you stupid birt

  9. Peter Rowley

    How can you have 2 players on the same team with the same name. 'TrollKing" Both playing SPG in this battle.

  10. Nick Dixon

    Still prefer the Excelsior over this. Just me tho.

  11. Cobra6 Gaming

    I love these when I'm driving around in my PanzerV/IV (tier 5) tank, they think they are invincible and I make very short work of them while bouncing most if not all of their return shots. Got pretty much the same RoF on my Panzer V/IV but I do 110 damage.

  12. Toni Ćulav

    rear admiral jingles, i really enjoy these battle replays with historical fun facts and uses of tanks, please do more of them in the future 🙂

  13. Arctic Frost

    Wow, that opening anecdote about helping that kid out.
    Jingles please, my feelings. You're sweet. ;~;

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