World of Tanks | Climbing – Strv 103B – 11 Kills – 8.9K Damage

World of Tanks | Climbing – Strv 103B – 11 Kills – 8.9K Damage – 1 VS 5 Gameplay

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Map: Redshire
Damage: 8981

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ModXvm 9.17.1:

The Strv 103B is a Swedish tier 10 tank destroyer. The Strv 103B marks the end of its Swedish tank destroyer line.


  1. Tomas Eipel

    Unless all tanks on the hill are not only Swedish, we will all be camping there

  2. Maki

    I love strv and I love climbing.. but this guy… this could have been 12 k dmg game ez, but he made some mistakes, eventually everyithing turned out fine for him… all in all, nice result.

  3. LvJasper

    It might be nice but he let half his team die, Typical wn8 padder.

  4. Bodosi Tamás

    hheeh , nice tundra 😉

  5. roguecrt

    Well played Wargaming.  Nice map design.

  6. Mr. Videot

    how to get swedish crue voices?

  7. alireza farzaneh

    i dont lıke

  8. MatProd

    camp and camp and camp –'

  9. Đỗ Nguyên Long

    This guy actually pre-aim before he sees the outline of the enemy tanks

  10. ACA B.B.B.


  11. Şahlar Həsənov


  12. Justin Abbott

    First off, GJ for the 11 kills. Secondly, ppl need to stop posting videos of climbing and doing good as it encourages the scrubs that have no idea how to climb (Like failing for over 2 min of the match and taking  5 tries to FINALLY GET UP AN EASY CLIMB) to spend way to much time trying to get up there. If they cant climb it in 1-2 tries DONT DO IT! GO PRACTICE IN A TRAINING ROOM RATHER THAN IN A MATCH! Attention whores like this guy that are like "look at me I did well even though I have no real clue how to climb and took your match time to practice, but I got kills." are what is ruining the climbing game. If you get up there (or any of the other climbs) of course you will do well. But screwing over the team while you practice the climb during an actual match and fail many times is selfish and NOOB. I don't care if ur XVM says you are purple, failing so many times rather than trying to get a different equally great support position is just Scrub. In closing, congrats on the 11 kills but stop posting videos like this to encourage fail players to screw the team by spending all match trying to climb (such as 5 attempts).

  13. jorjum

    The game starts on 4:07

  14. Bill Admond

    I see no skills here just a tier X troll with a sniper tank but without sniping skill and of course premium account, skin and real money spent on his account.
    Where is the pride?

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