World of Tanks Clips – Vechs Used Takedown

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  1. crisis8v88

    Why did you use Takedown against a Steel type? Close Combat would have been more effective.

  2. Rachnus

    Vechs, just what was your thought process there?

  3. David Fallenbeck

    That was awesome, lol

  4. Ty Fox


  5. Enigmaticmuffin


  6. Bob. Just Bob.

    Vechs was hurt by recoil :V

  7. Alexander Kastrup

    Vechs used takedown! It wasn't very effective. Other tank used IceBeam! It's super effective! Vechs fainted! Choose a different Pòkemon!

  8. Frederik Nielsen

    it's not very effective…..

  9. Palirano

    Hitman Vechs takes no pleasure in his buisness.

  10. Addeand desu

    i'm soo gonna name my donphan Vechs now!

  11. DévMen

    Love the music!

  12. AnnetHell

    hydreigon has eloved! xD

  13. Kevin K

    What is up with vechs and using people as landing pads. Lol, he's good

  14. Mr Anderson

    I was in a game with 2 tanks on our side and one enemy on the other side. The enemy was freaking out and slid off a cliff onto the friendly tank at the bottom, and the guy chasing him jumped after him, making a sandwich. No one could move/shoot and it ended as a draw

  15. jeff RockHallKnives

    Would have been stupidly amazing if it worked

  16. jeff RockHallKnives

    Would have been stupidly amazing if it worked

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