1. The Hancox House Peacful-Fallout Order Mapper

    So nations are USA,UK,USSR,Japan, Nazi-Germany, Sweden,China,Czechoslovakia, can Italy become a new nation in the late summer of 2017?plz

  2. Hannah Nelsen

    skoda t 24

  3. Hannah Nelsen

    my best czeck tank I have right now is the skoda 24



  5. Zigzak123

    I would love to play the Czech tanks, too bad the new update has brought unplayable lag. may as well uninstall untill these dumbasses do anything

  6. scudwerfer

    nice!!!! i should go into battle again…

  7. mark brown

    Manit's like I'm watching a cinematic trailer with tanks and it's the best I've ever seen!!!!

  8. Darth vader

    or a swiss tank XD

  9. Darth vader

    why isnt there a italian tank like comeon
    theres only axis member left behind italy

  10. Brotherhood of Steel

    Can we have French tanks please

  11. Martin Stružský

    Using Czech coat of arms instead of the Czechoslovakian one on the hero tank is quite a fail, Wargaming…

  12. Alonso Franco

    The Lycan gets way to high tier games like come on a tier 7 against tier 9

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