1. JP Brewer

    Hey man I really enjoyed the Covenanter video that you made here, the tips are great. I play WOT Blitz but the stats are almost identical for this tank. I'm still trying to learn the armor weak spot for each tank. What I've been trying to do in the mean time is shoot at the back of the turret, just behind the turret on the tanks flanks hoping for a ammo rack or in the butt(rear). I'd also like to know which graphics card you are using in this video. Thanks Gaming Bear!

  2. ka ply

    The tank of good!

  3. yereverluvinuncleber

    Otherwise, fine video!

  4. yereverluvinuncleber

    "Aitch eee" not "haitch ee", the "H" is meant to be silent. The sound "aitch" does not have a H at the front of it. You have picked up a recent but incorrect pronunciation.

  5. Hups050

    Hello mate, I loved the stock gun's soft stats, it made the silliest snapshots of all the other t4 light tanks for me, and I had over 60+% WR thx to that 😉

  6. Posti Movies

    That is the the way to take out an O-I. But you can do that in any small tank. Wouldt have liked to see some more gameplay. Insted of just one takedown of an O-I you where lucky to catch on its own.

  7. Panzer Bros.

    God I love that tank!
    You should get the mighty Death Star at some point!
    It's just amazing and totally not op!

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