World of tanks crew skills guide

07:11 – Heavy tank skillls
11:57 Medium tank skills
13:58 Tank destroyer skills
17:06 Light tank skills
17:55 Arty skills

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  1. UnknownUser 8888

    so why is no one using mentor?

  2. kempo_uk

    im on 2 skills how many battles to get 5 skills please

  3. De Monkey Squad

    Whats bea? Cant find it kind of retraining crew but why?

  4. Tharaka Wijerathne

    Thank you. Time to remove Dead eye perk from T49 gunner.
    And for any newbies just like me, female crew Brothers in Arms like thing wont work with Male crew's Brothets in Arms

  5. Aaron Mcclure

    recon helps with a damaged view port so it isn't exactly like situational awareness

  6. mr. one

    Very helpful, thanks

  7. Miki Milosevic

    u forgot about Intuition perk…rly good on artys(especially on 261),and on HT with long rld (e100- if u r not all heat), and its cumulative,100% on 2 loaders=35% chance

  8. Dark Ninja

    Offroad driving actually makes you turn faster than if you were to have clutch braking on most tanks, unless you have like .6 terrain resistance and less

  9. Cris Racing and Gaming

    Epic intro 😛

  10. taief miah

    If you don't want to retrain arty BIA is a usual must on arty