World of Tanks – Developer Diaries: Rebalance of Vehicles in Update 9.20

In Update 9.20, the characteristics of many vehicles will undergo changes. What will be different for Soviet tanks? What will become of the AMX 50 Foch (155)? What are the improvements for the IS-7? You’ll find the answers to these questions in the new episode of Developer Diaries. Happy viewing!

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  1. Wargaming Europe

    2:28 German HT
    3:29 Japanese HT
    4:20 American MT
    5:16 French MT
    7:12 French TD
    9:25 Chinese TD
    10:43 Soviet TD
    12:59 Soviet MT
    16:40 IS-7
    17:56 Premium tanks

  2. Samuel Pasche

    Now you just have to buff the IS-4, who is even more irelevant than before.

  3. Kabuki Jo

    those guys are so lost …

  4. Vaidas Misiovic

    What about E100 ???

  5. Robert

    F**K your F******G RNG!

  6. Plaridel Mateo

    Wargaming your game is so good and beautiful and has good graphics and I play everyday but please can you make M46 Patton have higher pen cause it's not that good for tier 9

  7. GoreCed

    If Guys get the Foch 50 and they have the Foch 155 in their Garage as a Present….I want my WTE 100 next to my Grille 15… it is not fair that Guys get one Tank as a present…I do not have the Time to get the Foch 155 right now…. YOU must be fait to eacht player…and the Foch 50 b is OP with his 6 Clip….you can clip a Kranvagn or AXM 50 b….i think it is not fair…you nerft artillery….you changed our loved WTE100…and now…you do the same fault you may did with the WTE?!?!….serious?!?!….

  8. Mich '

    Buff the T25/2

  9. fdjkkdjf

    the koopolings and i have taken over the redshire kingdom

  10. Pro Lt

    Пидрозор-говножор убил эту игру. Спасиба ВГ что взяли эту мразь в отдел баланса. ЛОЙС

  11. fauzan ridho

    their arguments on 140 is that the roof can be penetrated so they decided to buff it. with that argument then many other tanks needed to be buff. their argument somehow irrelevant

  12. Florinache Florinache

    is 7 needs more love


    Pls make 59 Patton cupola smaller too

  14. Ihazadinoshaur

    I’m broke, could someone buy me anything? Anything is appreciated
    Jonathanlee is my gamer tag

  15. Mad ObiMike

    Otro dia de mierda en esta basura de hijos de puta de juego amañado y tongo. Que os jodan WG hijos de puta

  16. cerberus rex x

    2:15 – Witcher medalion spotted!

  17. Petr Landa

    is that in 2:18 skill4u Kappa

  18. Zbox13

    Plz add the Chieftain Mk 6. If the Chinese have it why can't we. I know that the Chinese server I run differently, but why not add it like the Chinese td's?

  19. Vidovita Đemila

    pleas buff the armor of PANTHER MIT 8,8 CM L/71

  20. Siddich

    Btw. your buffs with chinese tanks and soviet tds is just the right thing. small buffs, but dealing with the anoying things of the game. thanks for that :-*

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