World of Tanks || DID HE SEE US?

World of Tanks || DID HE SEE US?

World of Tanks – Charioteer. I’m discussing the issue of pondering “Did he see us?” And how relocating and using camouflage and view range can win battles!

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  1. David Nakashidze

    Dicker Max review would be good…

  2. Eos Laverde

    You have a lot of "most favorite" Tanks in your garage – tier for tier – but with your experience and well trained crew you still get a radley walters with a rusty bathtub. I think its a good way on this map if you never cross the bridge (I can remember there is a clip not long time ago on YouTube with the title "never cross the bridge quickybaby" – lol) but this depends on the setup and the targets which are hopefully spotted at the beginning of the game and the allies which supports you – or not.

  3. AfsJinx889 playz

    i fucking hate em i just got the bc today after 7months of greinding and then this WTF WG

  4. AfsJinx889 playz

    QB what do you think about the BatChat nerf?

  5. cyberpunker 2002

    The T67 because it is op;)

  6. Nikola Radosav

    hello QB, can you make ISU-152 video please.

  7. Comrade Ivan

    I just reached it! Yay!

  8. Kikiriki Power

    Load half of AP and HALF of HESH, when zou are top tier just shoot HESH cuz 210 pen is enough for almost all tier 6 and 7


    play USU-152 :3

  10. Garry Fam

    i prefer TD tank with turret……

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